Top 5 Heartfelt Promises on Love and Commitment (Promise Day)

The fifth day of Valentine’s week, 11 February is celebrated as Promise Day marking the promises and commitments for strong relationships. Promise Day is the ideal of love, faith, care, and secrecy.

Grow Old Along With Me

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be” is a beautiful line from the famous poem by British Poet, Robert Browning. Focusing on the bright side of growing old together to be the best version is an enchanting promise you can make to your loved ones.

To Love And Be Loved

“To love and be loved is the feel of the sun from both sides” is a quote given by American Psychiatrist and Author, David Viscott. The quote portrays the essence of care and attention in a relationship as a must from both sides, making the equal give and take of love in a bond.

I Promise To Choose You

“I promise to choose you, every day, every moment” is a promise day quote that acts as an assurance of love and togetherness. By using these promising words, one is willingly choosing their life partner.

I Love You More Than Coffee

“I love you more than coffee, but please don't make me prove it.” A lighthearted promise signifying that love is more gracious than fancy things in the world, and love does not need explanation. The aura of ‘Love’ should make you feel alive and happy.

We Were Always Meant To Be

“We were always meant to be. Our souls knew it before our hearts ever met.” The promise that is beyond words, simply means the love will never come to an end. You make this promise to be together and find eternal joy even if the world is against both of you.

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