Tips to give your laptop a long life

No matter how high-end or smart your laptop is, it is prone to damage and viruses which can drastically affect it's performance over time. Here are some tips to take care of your most beloved machine.

Keep it clean

Your laptop's worst enemy is dust. Keeping it clean will prevent dust accumulation on keyboards or screens. Dust could also seep into your laptop if not cleaned for a long time and affect performance.

Keep it cool

Make sure your laptop's fan is working properly and if the air vents are blocked. Any blockage in the air vents could cause overheating and inflict damage to the internal components.

Keep it charged

Your laptop batteries have a limited lifespan. Keep your laptop charged between 20% and 80% to extend the battery life. Avoid overcharging or letting the battery drain completely.

Keep liquids and food away

Avoid snacking next to your laptop to prevent any accidental spillage on the laptop. If any liquid or food crumbs get into the laptop, then you might have to start saving up to get it fixed.

Always Shut down when not in use

Always remember to shut down your laptop after you are done using it. Avoid putting it in sleep for an extended period of time to prevent data loss and to increase battery life.

Maintenance is Important

Perform regular maintenance tasks like disk cleanup, virus scans & defragmentation to ensure smooth performance. Cleaning the fan and checking the internal circuits will warn you of any dangers to your laptop.

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