Owning a Cat and a Dog Together? Here are Things to Keep in Mind

In your dilemma between choosing a cat or a dog, you probably considered getting both. Keep these things in mind before doing so.

Choosing the right breed

Different breeds have different preying instincts. So, it is advisable to choose the right breeds before going for any random breed of pets to coexist. Make a well-informed decision on compatibility.

Gradual Introduction

Don't immediately put a dog and a kitten in the same space. Allow them to live in separate spaces and introduce a step-by-step process to let them get to know each other to avoid anxiety & aggression.

Provide Separate Spaces

Cats and dogs are both territorial by instinct. Cats prefer an elevated and quiet place while dogs need a designated space to rest and feel secure.

Provide Adequate Training

Training your dog is crucial when there is a cat at home. Commands such as "sit", "stay", and "leave it" will be of great help while disciplining your dog to not harm your cat.

Constant Supervision

Never leave your cat and dog alone together unless you are sure they can coexist peacefully. Even if they appear to be getting along, supervision is essential to ensure their safety.

Regular Exercise

Cats and dogs, both need an ample amount of exercise daily to maintain stress levels and physical fitness. If not, they might end up taking out all the excess energy on each other.

Respect Individual Needs

Cats and dogs have distinct requirements and behaviors. Cats are more solitary and independent, whereas dogs thrive on social interaction due to their pack mentality. Understanding this is crucial.

Separate Food and Resources

Separate your pets at mealtimes and provide separate food and water dishes to avoid resource conflicts. They can become territorial over their food, so each pet should have their own designated feeding area.

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