Things to keep in mind while buying a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are the most economical way to keep you cool during the summer heat. Keep reading if you want to buy a new ceiling fan or replace your existing one.


Ceiling fans are available in a variety of price ranges from as less as Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10000 as per the features they have to offer and the design aesthetics of a particular model.

Fan Size

A bigger fan can provide a gentle airflow throughout the room, while a smaller one can produce concentrated airflow with force. Assess the size of your room to know how big your fan must be.

Mounting Height

A small rod holding a fan close to a tall ceiling will not help with the airflow at all. It is important to mount your fan at least 9 feet from ground level to ensure maximum efficacy.


Always opt for the latest technology motor. Modern fans are equipped with BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) which are more efficient and long-lasting than traditional motors.

Rotations Per Minute

The RPM (Rotations per minute) of a fan is crucial in determining the power of the fan itself. Higher RPM means faster speeds and more air. So, always opt for the fans with the most controllable RPM.

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