The Significance of Assam’s New Year Festival: Bohag Bihu 2024

The Assamese New Year is known as Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu. Bohag Bihu is an immensely celebrated festival among the three Bihu festivals due to its traditional significance. It marks a fresh start and new beginnings.

Harvesting Festival

Not coinciding directly with the harvest festival, Bohag Bihu expresses gratitude for the past harvest and celebrates the upcoming sowing season. Farmers pray for a prosperous planting season.

Spring Festival

The festival falls during the spring season. Rongali Bihu (joyous Bihu) celebrates the beauty of nature with blossoming flowers and a vibrant atmosphere.

Rich Culture

Bohag Bihu is known for the rich cultural heritage of Assam. Traditional dances like Bihu Naach and Bihu Geeth (songs) are performed.

Exchange Gamosa

Bohag Bihu is the time for communities to come together and celebrate life to the fullest. The exchange of gifts like Gamosa (a handwoven cotton towel) and traditional food add to the happier celebrations.

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