The Most Legendary Pirate Ships of All Time

Explore the tales of the most fearsome and notorious pirate ships that ever sailed the seven seas!

Queen Anne's Revenge

Flagship of the infamous Blackbeard, this massive frigate terrorized the Atlantic during the early 18th century, laden with 40 guns and an experienced crew.

Whydah Gally

Captured by "Black Sam" Bellamy, the Whydah was loaded with treasures from over 50 ships before it tragically sank in 1717, taking its riches to the ocean floor.

The Fancy

Commanded by Henry Every, The Fancy was renowned for its successful raid on the Ganj-i-Sawai, a treasure-laden Mughal ship.

The Adventure Galley

Known for its notorious captain, William Kidd, who was later hanged for piracy. This ship was unique for its rowing capabilities, aiding in both pirating and escaping.

Title: Royal Fortune

Several pirate captains named their ships Royal Fortune, but the most famous was Bartholomew Roberts' vessel, boasting over 40 cannons and known for its speed and firepower.

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