The Enchanting World of Tarot Cards!

Explore the basics of this ancient divination tool as we guide you through your first beginner readings.

What are Tarots?

It has 78 cards for fortune-telling and self-reflection divided into 2 parts: Major Arcana (22) for major life themes and Minor Arcana (56)

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana (22 cards) represents major life experiences like beginnings (Fool) & journeys (Magician, Priestess, Emperor, Empress)

The Minor Arcana

Minor Arcana (56 cards) reflects daily experiences (Wands: passion, Cups: emotions, Swords: intellect, Pentacles: security).

Shuffling and Spreads

Clear your mind, shuffle & deal! One card (focused Answer), 3 cards (past, present, future), or horseshoe (wider view) offer guidance.

Interpreting the Cards

There's no single "correct" way to read Tarot; trust your intuition & interpret cards' imagery, colors, and symbolism based on your spread.


Record your interpretations and any emotions that arose during the reading. Reflecting on these notes later can provide valuable insights and help you track patterns.

Your First Reading

Choose a calming environment, shuffle the cards focusing on a question, do a simple three-card spread, observe the cards, and see what insights emerge.

Explore further!

Dive deeper into Tarot's magic with books, online communities, and experienced readers. Tarot is a tool for self-discovery, so trust your intuition and enjoy!

Thanks For Reading

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