The Dishes of Onam Pt. 3

The Onam Sadhya covers all the flavour profiles – sweet, salty, sour and spicy, and uses a lot of regional ingredients like coconut, jaggery, yams and a wide variety of lentils.


This signature Onam Sadhya dish is made with yogurt, yam or raw banana and grated coconut.

Morru Kachiyatha

Morru Kachiyatha is made by boiling yogurt to perfection with black sesame seeds, shallots, ginger, and garlic.


Kichadi is another delicious dish from the Onam Sadhya. It is made using spicy yogurt and any vegetable like okra, cucumber, or even bitter gourd.


Rasam is made with spicy tamarind soup, sprinkled with a generous amount of curry leaves, mustard and tomatoes. It is either eaten with rice or separately to aid in digestion.

Kootu Curry

Kootu Curry is a dry dish made with raw bananas, black chana and grated coconut.


A spoonful of Neyy, usually known as ghee in Hindi, is poured over the rice and parripu to give it an extra flavour. Onam Sadhya is incomplete without it.

Inji Thayir

Inji Thayir is a delicious dish made using ginger, yogurt, black sesame seeds and spices.

Poovan Pazham

Poovan Pazham is a smaller version of bananas. It is enjoyed by mashing it together with Payasam. You can also add pappadam into the mix for that extra crunch.

Palada Pradhaman

Palada Pradhaman is a sweet dish made with milk, dry fruits, and rice ada. It is served in the end, as it helps in counteracting the spices.

Pazham Pradhaman

Pazham Pradhaman includes Rice ada, cashew nuts, thinly sliced coconut pieces and jaggery.

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