Tesla's Top 4 EVs in 2024

Ready to ditch gas? Tesla's got you covered! Explore their sleek electric cars & see why electric driving is the future.

Model S: The Benchmark for Performance EVs

Want luxury that rockets? Model S blasts 0-60 in under 2 seconds (Plaid!), offers epic range (up to 405 miles!), and looks stunning.

Model 3: The Most Affordable Tesla

Want Tesla tech without breaking the bank? Model 3 is your ride! Great features, everyday driving range, and all at a price that won't drain your wallet.

Model X: The Falcon-Wing SUV

Need family space but crave adventure? Model X has got you covered. Falcon-wing doors, seating for seven, and enough cargo for epic road trips!

Model Y: Performance SUV for the Active Lifestyle

Love adventure? Model Y does too! It's like a sporty wagon with tons of space for your gear, plus it can tow your toys.

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