Teddy Day 2024: Meet the Famous Teddies Worldwide

Teddy Day is the fourth day of Valentine’s week, celebrated on 10th February every year. A beautiful gesture to express love, friendship, and companionship, Teddy Day is known for its warmth and comfort.


The first commercial Teddy Bear was produced by Margarete Steiff in 1920. It was nicknamed after then-US President Theodore Roosevelt who refused to kill a teddy bear. The scene was shown in a cartoon, and the emergence of Teddy became famous.


A character made by the author A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh won millions of hearts and became children’s favourite. Winnie was a honey-lover who liked to roam the hundred-acre land with his friends and enjoy adventures.

Paddington Bear

British author Michael Bond created Paddington Bear “deepest darkest Peru” in London with the note “Please look after this bear”. Paddington was known to be a friend of Queen Elizabeth II who signified kindness and politeness for over 60 years.

We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears is an American Animation Series produced by Daniel Chong for the Cartoon Network. We Bare Bears shows three bears namely Grizzly, Panda, and Ice who navigate with modern life challenges. The humour pitch makes it popular among all ages of people.

Care Bears

The multi-colored Care Bears originated in 1981 with a special symbol on their tummies expressing love, care, sharing, and other messages. They appeared unique and found their popularity among children.

Smokey Bear

A well-known American advertising campaign undertaken by the United States Forest Services to protect Wildfire Prevention in 1944, Smokey Bear gained recognition as an iconic bear. The message ‘Only You Can Prevent Wildfires’ helped in the protection of forests and homes.

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