Taylor Swift's Era's Tour Streaming On Hotstar: Iconic Moments Throughout The Show

The most anticipated OTT release for all the Swifties out there. The Era's Tour is finally on Disney+ Hotstar and here are some iconic moments throughout the show!

Taylor Dropped A Surprise Album

On May 5 2023, Taylor Swift confirmed that the most anticipated album she had been working on would finally be released. You should have seen how crazy the fans went after that.

A Standing Ovation of 8 Minutes

After her performance of her song Champagne Problems, Taylor Swift received a standing ovation of nearly 8 minutes which left her in tears. It was the longest standing ovation of the tour so far.

The Swift Quake

The fans during the Seattle show were dancing so hard for Taylor's performance of "Blank Space" and "Shake it Off" that it literally caused an earthquake of 2.3 magnitude during the 1989 set of the show.

The Rain Dance

Everybody knows how much Taylor Swift loves rain. However, during the show in Foxborough, Massachusetts, it rained for the entire three-hour performance and it has been the rainiest of the rainiest shows ever.

The Cleaning Cart

Fans grew suspicious of a bigger-than-usual cleaning cart that was pushed behind the stage during most performances in the US. A fan managed to capture evidence of it and was honoured to be so close to her.

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