T20 Jersey Showdown! Part 2

Explore the unique jerseys representing nations vying for T20 World Cup glory.


Afghanistan's jersey reflects national unity with a map and wheat, symbolizing the country's spirit.

West Indies

The new jersey promises to be a crowd-pleaser, blending the team's rich cricketing heritage with a modern, innovative twist.


Uganda soars in yellow, their jersey adorned with a majestic crested crane.


Papua New Guinea takes the field in red and black, inspired by the iconic Bird of Paradise.

New Zealand

The most striking aspect of this jersey is its aqua color. This is a very different choice from New Zealand's traditional black or dark blue.

South Africa

South Africa roars in yellow and green, their jersey showcasing their vibrant cricketing spirit.


Bangladesh's jersey is a sea of green, reflecting their passionate cricketing fanbase.


The Netherlands takes a nostalgic trip with a jersey design inspired by their 1996 World Cup appearance.


Nepal, the cricketing tiger, roars in their jersey with a bold design.

Sri Lanka

Dark blue, a common color for Sri Lankan cricket jerseys.

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