Surprising Facts about Bakrid That You Never Heard of

Bakrid Unplugged: The Melodies, Moments, and Meaning

Eid Jamaat

Eid Jamaat is a special prayer offered on this day to greet people after fajar and before the animal sacrifise.

Sacrifise and Sharing

Bakrid is not just all about sacrificing a halal cattle, proudly 80% of Muslims worldwide prioritize sharing the meat with the needy.

Family (Mahuur)

For over 90% of Muslims, Bakrid is a sacred time for family gatherings and strengthening family bonds and unity.

The Rules of Sacrifice

The sacrifice includes the animal being an adult,sound health, and the animal has to be a male

Fajr Call

Fajr Call is a prayer done before the sun hits the sky not just for eid, but its a part of the everyday chores.

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