Spider Web: 5 Creepy Crawly Facts!

Spooked by spiders? Facts about spiders that might just change your perspective on these creepy-crawlies!

A Spooky Spooky Variety

There are over 40,000 known spider species! From the tiny jumping spider to the giant huntsman spider, there's a spider for every habitat.

Don't Panic at the Bite! Description

Most spider bites are harmless to humans. Only a few species have venom strong enough to cause serious harm.

Black Widow Woes?

It's true! In some spider species, the female eats the male after mating. But this isn't always the case.

Stronger Than Steel? Almost!

Spider silk is incredibly strong and elastic. It's even stronger than steel for its weight!

Blood is the New Blue?

Surprise! Unlike us humans with red blood, spiders have hemocyanin, which makes their blood appear blue.

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