Rose Day 2024 - What Does Each Rose Color Say?

Marking the beginning of Valentine’s week, Rose Day is celebrated on 7 February every year. Rose Day holds a special place in the hearts with each rose color representing special meaning and symbolism.

Red Rose

The Red Rose symbolizes love, romance, and passion. A single red rose represents deep affection, and a bouquet of red roses represents devotion to love and desire to be together.

White Rose

A form of purity, White Rose entails a new beginning and value in the utmost. White roses are often used in wedding ceremonies. Gifting white roses means showing respect and sympathy.

Yellow Rose

Yellow rose marks the epitome of friendship, joyfulness, and positive vibes. Essence and warmth are usually marked by gifting a yellow rose to friends to let them know how much they mean to you.

Pink Rose

The elegant appearance of Pink Rose is known for gratitude and admiration. You can gift a pink rose to someone for their elegance and express a thankful gesture. The pink rose also denotes femininity.

Orange Rose

Fascination for someone/something is indicative of Orange Rose. The gift of an orange rose shows a friendship growing towards a special bond and feeling. Orange rose embodies enthusiasm and energy.

Lavender Rose

Admiration can be shown with a gift of Lavender Rose. Less common than other rose colors, lavender rose shows affection and majestic zeal.

Black Rose

The Black Rose is associated with death, farewell, and mystery. Seen as an emoticon of sadness, the black rose also portrays rebirth and new beginnings.

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