Red Cross Day: 150 Years of Helping Humanity

Every May 8th, celebrate Red Cross Day! Learn about its founder & surprising history. Discover why 2024's Red Cross Day is a milestone

Henry Dunant, Humanitarian Hero

The birthday boy? Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross! This day honors him and the movement's humanitarian efforts.

Protecting Those in Need

In 1949, on Red Cross Day, the Geneva Conventions were adopted! These protect people in war and conflict.

150 Years of Making a Difference

Did you know? 2024's Red Cross Day marks a milestone - 150 years since the first Red Cross Committee was formed!

A Global Celebration

Red Cross Day is More than a national celebration, 190+ countries join to help those in need. Donate, volunteer, or raise awareness. Every action counts.

Everyday Heroes Beyond the Battlefield

Not just about war! The Red Cross tackles disasters, blood needs, and more. It's a day to celebrate everyday heroes who help!

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