Reading your cat's body language

Cats, unlike dogs, lack the facial expressions to emote and let you know how they feel. Let's learn how to determine your Cat's mood if we pay close attention to their instinctive reactions.

A content Cat

Dilated pupils, eyes half closed, still tail, ears forward, sitting or lying down, and purring are common behaviours indicating that your cat is happy. They might even knead on your blanket.

Playful Cat

An upright tail, semi-dilated pupils, whiskers and ears facing forward are all signs to identify a playful cat. Your cat might stalk or get ready to pounce at anything and everything if they want to play.

Irritated or Overstimulated cat

Dilated pupils, twitching tail and the ears facing backwards all occur in cats when playtime gets a little too serious and they get overstimulated. This could result in scars later, so stay away for a while.

Nervous or Anxious

Dilated pupils, tail low or tucked between the legs and ears facing back or to the side are things to notice in a nervous cat. They usually try to find a place to hide or face the wall like a drama queen.

Frightened Cat

Ears flat like an airplane, whiskers pulled back, fur upright, arched back and an erect or low tail could mean that your cat is startled by something. They usually hiss, howl, growl or spit when at this state.

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