Pros and Cons of a Robot Vacuum

If someone told you that there would be a robot vacuum that could automatically clean and mop your floor 10 years ago, they would probably be called delusional. Here are the pros and cons of getting one.

Pro 1: Fully Automatic Cleaning

Robot vacuums can be connected to your smartphone or home assistant, which enables you to schedule cleaning even when you are not home. Fully automatic cleaning enables you to save a lot of valuable time.

Pro 2: Covers every spot

They can handle difficult corners and edges around furniture like a pro. They use advanced technology to map their surroundings, which lets them clean every spot that you might not even be able to reach.

Pro 3: No Allergies

They usually have an air-purifying system. Using HEPA filters, you do not have to worry about your worsening dust allergy from manually vacuuming the floor.

Con 1: Cost

The average cost for a good robot vacuum would be around Rs. 7000 to Rs. 15000. Advanced robot vacuums for around a lakh can clean their dock and empty their dust collection compartment automatically.

Con 2: Unsuitable for Deep Cleaning

Robot vacuums were designed to take care of your daily routine cleaning. However, if you want to deep clean your house, then you must also own a vacuum cleaner to do it yourself once in a while.

Con 3: Small bin size

One limitation of a robot vacuum is its small bin size. It requires regular emptying or purchasing one with an automatic bin emptying feature that would significantly increase the price of the product.

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