Popular Onam Games and Activities

These games and activities are an essential and vibrant part of the Onam celebrations in Kerala. They encapsulate the spirit of teamwork, competition, and cultural heritage

Vadam Vali (Tug of War)

A popular team game, Vadam Vali involves two teams pulling opposite ends of a long rope. The team that successfully pulls the other team across a designated line wins. It symbolizes unity, strength, and healthy competition

Pulikali (Tiger Play)

Pulikali is a colorful and vibrant folk art form that includes performers dressed as tigers and hunters. The performers mimic the movements of tigers in a playful manner, creating a lively and entertaining spectacle

Uri Adi (Pot Breaking)

In this game, a pot filled with water is hung high above the ground. Blindfolded participants take turns trying to break the pot with a stick while being spun around. It's a fun and challenging game that requires both skill and luck

Thalapanthukali (Ball Game)

Thalapanthukali is a traditional ball game where players hit a ball using their hands and forearms, aiming to score points by making the ball cross the opponent's goal line

Ambeyyal (Archery)

Ambeyyal, or traditional archery, is a game that showcases the skills of archers. Participants use traditional bows and arrows to hit targets, testing their accuracy and precision

Vallam Kali (Boat Races)

They are one of the most exciting and visually captivating events during the festival. They showcase the rich maritime heritage of the state and draw crowds from all over to witness the thrilling spectacle

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