Neuralink's Brain Implant- Thoughts of the Future

With the first human receiving a brain implant from Neuralink, let's dig a little into this future tech.

What is Neuralink?

It is a general-purpose high-bandwidth interface to the brain. In Simple words- A Brain implant that will allow you to remotely control and interact with tech.

What do they Aim to do?

For now, Neuralink aims to restore autonomy to those with conditions restricting their movement. Their end goal is to help humans reach their potential.

Clinical Trial

Neuralink got approval for its first human clinical trials on 26 May 2023, in four months they opened recruitment to join their patient registry.


Announced as the first product of Neuralink, it enables control of phones and computers just by thinking. The initial users are those unable to use their limbs.

What the future holds

If Neuralink succeeds in its mission, it is sure to revolutionize wearable tech, and how we interact with other technology and the modern world.

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