National Vaccination Day 2024: FAQ's About Vaccines & Their Effectiveness

India observes its National Vaccination Day on March 16 every year. It is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination and to remind people of past achievements in vaccination drives.

How do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines work by injecting dead, inactive or partial viruses or bacterial toxins into your body to let your antibodies identify them as a threat so the next time an active virus enters your body, they fight.

Are Vaccines Better than Natural-Immunity?

While natural immunity is longer lasting than immunization, it also carries a greater risk of being infected. Vaccines are made to fight off the uninvited pathogens in your body and they work better.

Why do some Vaccines require boosters?

Different diseases progress at different speeds in the body and booster shots serve as a reminder to your immune system to continue fighting them.

Can Babies Handle So Many Vaccines?

Studies show that babies can handle multiple vaccines at the same time as it depends on the babies' ability to generate an immune response. Even if the mother has been vaccinated, the baby has to get a dose.

Why is There a New Flu Vaccine Every Year?

Unlike other pathogens, the flu virus is susceptible to change every year. The strains of the influenza virus evolve to adapt to their survival. You will get protection against a new batch of viruses yearly.

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