Most Loved Beard Styles of 2023

Every man considers his beard a symbol of power and authority while some just simply like hair on their face. Here are some of the most loved beard styles in 2023.


The beardstache is a style with a thicker mustache and a stubble beard. It looks elegant on even non-chiselled faces. It is easy to maintain and quick to grow out.

Viking Beard

The good old-fashioned Viking beard is almost every beard enthusiast's dream. It might not be for everyone as maintaining it is difficult. You can try braiding it for an even more structured look.

Medium Box Beard

This style requires a medium-length beard, thickest at the chin and cheeks, then it slowly fades into the sideburns. High maintenance and a beard comb is required to untangle almost every morning.

Medium-Faded beard

A medium-length beard but with a longer fade transition from the sideburns to the cheek. It usually is accompanied by a pointy chin beard to accent the fade a little more.

Patchy Beard

A lot of men have patchy beards they are not proud to showcase. Big stars like Keanu Reeves nail the patchy beard look with much confidence and so can you! You only know when you let it grow.

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