Milk: Beyond the Fridge! A Global Journey

Did you know June 1st is a day to celebrate this delicious drink? Let's dive into the creamy world of milk!

Indian Milk Marvel

India is the world's largest milk producer, churning out about 24% of the global supply! That's a lot of moo-vellous milk!

Secret Sips from History

Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen, supposedly bathed in donkey milk for its beauty benefits. Would you try a milk bath?

Milk on the Move

Genghis Khan's army is rumored to have preserved their milk by churning it into a thick paste for easy travel! Talk about portable power!

Modern Milkshakes? Not Quite!

Those thick pastes eventually evolved into a popular Middle Eastern treat called "kurt." It's still enjoyed today, but maybe not on the go!

Milk Makes the World Go Round

From creamy lattes to childhood memories, milk nourishes our bodies and brings us together. So raise a glass (or mug) to this wonder drink!

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