Kiss Day 2024: Why Humans Kiss and the Science Behind It

Kissing is the most simple act of affection that holds great significance in human relationships and cultures. But, what makes us do this and why is it ubiquitous across various cultures and societies?

Hormones and Chemistry

Kissing releases a cocktail of hormones and stimulates neurons in our body. The release of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin along with the reduced amount of the stress hormone makes you want more.


Scientists speculate that the closeness when two people are kissing allows us to subconsciously pick up on each other's pheromones which influences their attraction towards them. Let them know you love them!

Social and Psychological Aspects

It aids in maintaining psychological bonds with our partners. It reduces stress and increases trust between two individuals. Socially, kissing is an act of love, respect of even friendship.

Health Benefits

Kissing exposes you to new germs which improves your immune system. It helps wash away plaque due to the increased saliva production. The blood circulation in your body is also significantly improved.

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