International Picnic Day! Pack a Bite of the World

Craving adventure? Skip the usual picnic! Explore the world with a basket full of flavors from another Country.

Indian Twist: The Great Mughal Feasts

India has a rich picnic history! Emperors like Akbar the Great enjoyed lavish outdoor feasts, featuring exotic dishes and entertainment.

Secret's Out: Picnics Weren't Always Fun

Believe it or not, picnics weren't always for leisure! In medieval times, hunting parties often picnicked between hunts.

Picnics in Space? Astronaut Appetites

Did you know astronauts enjoy picnics too? Space missions often include pre-packaged meals astronauts can enjoy while admiring the Earth!

Beyond Astronauts: Picnics for Everyone

From mountaintops to city parks, picnics are for everyone! Pack your favorite foods, find a scenic spot, and enjoy a break from the ordinary.

Channel emperors

Pack a new cuisine (Thai curry!), play a global game (bocce ball!), and blast a world music playlist (Bollywood!). Explore cultures, one delicious bite at a time.

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