International Day for Biodiversity

From the tiniest bug to the tallest tree, celebrate the amazing variety of life on International Day for Biodiversity.

Indian Hotspot

India, with its lush forests and vibrant coral reefs, is one of the world's 17 biodiversity hotspots! Can you spot an elephant next time you visit?

Plant Power

Did you know? The famous Atharvaveda, an ancient Indian scripture, mentions over 1,000 medicinal plants! Nature's pharmacy has been around for centuries.

Buggy Bodyguards

Ladybugs aren't just cute! In India, farmers release them in their fields to battle harmful pests naturally. These tiny insects are nature's bodyguards!

Bee Careful!

One ladybug can eat thousands of aphids in its lifetime! These little warriors protect our crops, so next time you see a ladybug, let it be!

Nature's Concert

From chirping birds to rustling leaves, nature creates a symphony of life. Let's celebrate biodiversity and keep the music playing!

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