Instagram Now Forces You to Watch Ads (This Isn't Cool)

Is this the end of uninterrupted scrolling? Will users leave the platform in a mass exodus?

Hold Onto Your Hats!

Instagram is testing a new feature that may have you reaching for the uninstall button – unskippable ad breaks disrupting scrolling.

The End of Scrolling Free?

Instagram tests unskippable ads, forcing users to watch ads before continuing to scroll through their feed.

Say Goodbye to Flow

Unwanted ads disrupt seamless scrolling experience on Instagram, breaking concentration and disrupting the user experience.

The Great Instagram Exodus?

Users express frustration with forced ad breaks, threatening to leave, potentially decreasing user engagement for the platform.

Time to Take a Stand?

The future of unskippable ads on Instagram is uncertain, awaiting user feedback to see how this unfolds

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