India's Silent Threat: Know Your Risk for Breast Cancer

1 in 28 Indian women face breast cancer risk. Don't be a statistic. Get informed, fight for your health.

Understanding the Enemy: What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer affects breast tissue. Uncontrolled cell growth leads to tumors. Early detection is critical for successful treatment.

Know Your Numbers: Alarming Stats in India

Over 2 lakh cases diagnosed in 2020, expected to rise to 2.3 lakh by 2025. Every 4 minutes, an Indian woman is diagnosed. Be aware, be proactive.

Listen to Your Body: Risk Factors and Symptoms

Age, family history, lifestyle choices like smoking increase risk. Know the signs: lumps, breast changes, unusual discharge. Early detection saves lives.

Your Weapon: Early Detection through Screening

Regular mammograms, self-exams are crucial. Start screenings at 40 or earlier if high-risk. Don't delay, early detection matters.

Facing the Challenge: Treatment Options and Hope

Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy - various treatment options available. Remember, you're not alone. Early detection leads to better outcomes and higher survival rates.

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