How to Help Someone Struggling with Suicidal Thoughts

Unsure of how to comfort your suicidal friend? Here are some things to be mindful about.

Recognize their behavior

Notice changes in behavior, withdrawal, or expressions of hopelessness. Listen without judgment and validate their feelings.

Crying Comforts Them

If they are venting their issues, it is not necessary to pass on advice and listen to them. And if they are crying let them do it.

Remind their worth.

Remind them of their worth and their strength, sometimes the more you remind them of their worth the more likely they are to think of survival.

Say No to Isolation

Don’t let them in an isolated phase, it is hard to catch up with them but encourage professional help and compassion for them.

A hug can heal

When words fail, render them a warm hug. A hug delivers a lot of messages that words fail. Cause sometimes, presence matters.

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