How to choose the Best Colors for your Interior

Choosing the right colors for your house that complement your decor and furniture is a science. Let us take a look at how you can achieve this.

Pick your furniture & decors first

Before choosing the color for your walls, choose the furniture and other decor so that you can later find colors that complement each other better.

Keep the wall paint color neutral and balanced

If you want the focus to be on the walls, then a bold and vibrant color would be best. But if you want the focus to be on the decor, go for minimal and mild colors.

Use testers before buying paints

To see how the light hits the wall during different times of day, use testers to paint a large area on different walls. So that you can get paint that looks good at all times of the day.

Test your paint against furniture

You can paint a small poster board and hold it against the furniture you intend to use to see if it goes well. Test all kinds of decors and furniture, and finalize the color you need.

Use the right type of Sheen

The sheen you use with paints will accent flaws. So go with as little sheen as possible. Each type of sheen has different properties, so proper testing is required before use.

Follow the three paint color rule

Your palette must be limited to three colors. Use a 6:3:2 ratio for light, medium, and dark colors respectively. This technique is ideal for an evened-out finish.

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