History Behind National Technology Day

National Technology Day celebrates India's successful nuclear missile tests on May 11th, 1998, advancing the country's technological prowess.

Honoring the Innovative Spirit

It's not just about bombs! It's a day to celebrate India's tech journey, honoring scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

150 Years of Ingenuity

In 2024, we celebrate two milestones, India's tech prowess and the 150th anniversary of the first Red Cross Committee on May 8th.

Beyond the Spotlight

India's first indigenous aircraft, the Hansa-3, was successfully test-flown alongside the nuclear tests, marking the epitome of aviation self-reliance.

Be a Tech Trailblazer

National Tech Day isn't just a celebration. Explore STEM fields, support innovation hubs, and celebrate tech heroes in your community.

More Than Meets the Eye

On National Technology Day, the DST honors grassroots innovators, showcasing local solutions to challenges, and emphasizing tech's diverse origins.

A Day Beyond Labs

Tech's impact beyond science, celebrating everyday life, education, healthcare, and communication for all

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