Global Day of Parents: Top Parenting Trends of 2024

Global Day of Parents is acknowledged on June 1 for the parent's role in child development. Master the parenting trends of 2024.

Celebrating Inchstones

A trendy celebration of little victories over major milestones! Parents are celebrating their baby’s first smile to a toddler learning a new skill.

Gentle-ish Parenting

The ‘Gentle-ish Parenting’ nurtures children with empathy, respect, and positive reinforcement. But within boundaries and structure.

Nesting Parties

Forget about traditional baby showers. Nesting parties are gatherings where family and friends help expectant parents prepare for the new baby.

Strict Boundaries for Newborns

A growing trend set by parents to develop stricter boundaries for newborns, especially when they are asleep - consistent nap and bedtime routines.

Grand Titles

Grandparents are now getting creative titles, moving away from the traditional ones. This reflects a special bond with their grandchildren.

Eco-Friendly Parenting

The environmental concern has raised a shift. Parents are teaching the children about eco-friendly products, recycling and composting to save the environment.

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