Follow these steps to prevent Mosquito-borne diseases

Nearly 700 million people fall sick yearly, causing around 700,000 deaths due to mosquito-borne illness worldwide. These tiny insects are a huge threat to humanity and here is how to prevent them.

Remove all Stagnant water

These little insects love stagnant water. They breed, multiply, and come for your blood when there is enough amount of still water around you. Remove all buckets, pots, or anything that can accumulate water.

Install Nets and Screens

Mosquito nets and screens are the most efficient in keeping these uninvited guests out of your home. Invest in a good quality mesh to ensure no other insects can invade while maintaining good airflow.

Use Mosquito Repellents and Traps

Use mosquito repellents on exposed skin or clothing when you're outdoors. It is advisable to purchase an electric mosquito trap to reduce the number of mosquitoes indoors.

Avoid Peak hours

Mosquitoes are the most active during dusk and dawn. Avoid being outdoors during this time. Using a mosquito repellent will reduce the risk of disease at this time.

Don't hesitate to call Pest Control

If your surroundings are infested by mosquitoes due to an unmaintained lawn, immediately call Pest control as it is a highly efficient way to get rid of them to ensure a healthy environment for your family.

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