Follow these Steps to Help you Quit Smoking

Smoking causes cancer, and it kills. Fighting those nicotine cravings might seem impossible, but they only last 5–10 minutes for most people. Here is how you can effectively quit smoking:

Write it down

You are more likely to achieve your goal if you put it in writing. Write down all the reasons why you want to quit, like saving money, for better physical health, etc.

Get Support

People feel better about quitting when they have support from friends or family. Ask them if they want to join you in quitting. If they are not interested, you could find an online or in-person support group.

Throw away all your Cigarettes

You can't stop smoking if there are cigarettes around to tempt you. So get rid of everything, including ashtrays, lighters, and even your emergency supply of cigarettes hidden in your room.

Set a quit date

Select a date from the calendar and tell your friends and family that you will quit smoking on that day. Think of this day as the dividing line between the smoking you and the new, improved, non-smoking you.

Avoid Triggers

You must have noticed the times that smoking feels automatic to you, like when you are driving, on the phone, or sipping coffee. Keep yourself away from these triggers until your cravings have died down.

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