Everything New With The Google Pixel 8

With the launch of the new Google Pixel 8 series, let's take a look at the 5 new features.

New Cameras

The new Pixel 8 and 8 pro comes equipped with all new cameras. The sensor is bigger on both the devices, and the numbers have gone up as well.

New Screen

The screen on the new Pixel 8 series have variable refresh rate that can range from 1Hz to 120Hz (for 8 pro) and 60Hz to 120Hz(for 8)

Bigger Battery

The Pixel 8 now supports 4575 mAh and the Pixel 8 pro supports 5050 mAh of battery. They are tested to be much better than their predecessors.

7 Years of Updates

For the first time ever, on any android ever, Pixel will be given 7 years of updates. That means it'll be receiving updates till 2030.

New Price

With all the new features, the price has gone up as well. While in the US, it's only an increment of $100, here in India, the prices are Rs 74,999 for the 8 and Rs 1,06,999 for the 8 pro

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