Every Major Change in The New iPhone 15

With the recent release of Apple's new iPhone 15 lineup, here's 5 things that Apple has decided to change.

Dynamic Island

Apple's New iPhone 15 will now boast the same sized dynamic island regardless of the model.

Telephoto Camera

Apple have upgraded their telephoto lens to a bigger 5x zoom this time. Although this change can only be seen on the top model.


Instead of stainless stell, Apple has decided to go with a titanium build this time around to cut on the weight of the phone.


Finally, Apple has joined everyone else in the Type-C connecter race. All iPhone 15s will feature a USB Type-C from now on.

The Button

Gone is the switch that featured since the iPhone 5. Now, replacing that is a customizable button, that can be assigned different functions, including muting the phone.

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