Enhance Your Home's Luck with Vastu

Discover how this traditional Indian system of architecture helps in bringing positivity and prosperity to your living spaces.

The Entrance

Ensure your home’s entrance faces North, East, or Northeast for good luck. Decorate with a beautiful nameplate and vibrant flowers.

The Living Room

Place a crystal chandelier in the Northeast to promote financial stability and tranquility.

The Kitchen

Position your kitchen in the Southeast corner of your home. Use green and yellow colors to boost positivity.

The Bedroom

A wooden bed in the Southwest corner with a headboard facing South or West ensures a restful sleep.

The Study Room

Place your study table facing East or North to enhance concentration and memory.

Aquarium for Wealth

Place an aquarium in the Northeast corner of your living room to attract wealth and prosperity.

Plants for Positivity

Basil and jasmine plants not only purify air but also bring good luck. Avoid cacti as they can attract negative energy.

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