Eco-Friendly Holi Ideas for a Joyful and Sustainable Festival

There are plenty of ways to embrace the spirit of Holi while keeping the Earth happy! Here are some ideas for it:

Natural Colors

Ditch chemicals! Embrace nature's palette with turmeric, beetroot, and spinach for safe, eco-friendly colors.

Flower Power

Skip water balloons and have a fragrant flower petal fight! Marigolds, roses, and hibiscus add beauty and eco-friendliness.

Ditch The Plastic

Say no to plastic bags! Use reusable cloth bags and opt for biodegradable plates made from leaves or bamboo.

Water Wise

Conserve water with a dry Holi focused on colors and laughter. If using water guns, fill them partially for playful taps.

Clean Up

Use natural cleaners and organize a post-Holi clean-up to leave your environment sparkling clean!

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