Early-stage Symptoms of Cervical Cancer Everyone Must Be Aware Of

More than a lakh people are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in India and around 77,000 people die due to this disease. So, it is important to know the basic symptoms for you to identify this disease.

Vaginal Bleeding After Intercourse

Any blood from the vagina after sex is something that cannot be ignored. If you notice this symptom please consult a doctor to identify the underlying problem at an earlier stage.

Vaginal bleeding after menopause

For middle-aged women, if your vagina continues to bleed after menopause, it could be a symptom of cervical cancer. Consult a doctor if you notice any abnormal bleeding.

Vaginal Bleeding in between periods

Irregular bleeding from the vagina in between your period days or excessive bleeding during your periods is a sign for you to consult a doctor. Keep track of when you get your period to identify any problems.

Watery Discharge with blood

If your discharge has a foul smell or is watery with hints of blood in it, it could be a symptom of cervical cancer. Do not leave any symptoms unattended.

Pelvic Pain or Pain During Sex

Any pain during intercourse or just excessive pelvic pain, could be a sign of early stages of cervical cancer. Starting treatment at this stage has saved more lives than when treated in later stages.

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