Do's and Don'ts of Remodelling a Family Home

"Navigate your home remodelling journey smoothly! Learn the essential do's and don'ts of remodelling a family home. Avoid common pitfalls and achieve your dream home with confidence."


It is advisable to start planning the budget for the renovation way before you actually start the renovation. This gives you an outline about the cost.

Permits and Approvals

Depending the place you live, you might need to get a permit or some sort of approval if you want to renovate your building.

Hire a Reputable Contractor

It is very important that you select your contractor carefully. You may go around asking your friends who might have used a particular contractor's services.

Ventilation and Lighting

Do not overlook the importance of proper ventilation and lighting in the design of your renovation. You may want to talk with the contractor on this.

Family Discussion

Do not forget to consult the direction of the renovation with your family. It is important to know what their needs are.

Unexpected Expenses

While planning the budget, makes sure to factor in all kinds of expenses, including random, unexpected expenses that might pop up.

Function Over Form

Make sure to prioritize safety and functionality over aesthetics when making design choices for your newly renovated home.

Maintenance after Renovation

It is important to remember that your house needs regular maintenance and repair even after being renovated to keep it functioning properly.

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