Decorate Your House with these Indian Flowers

Flowers are nature's gift for us to decorate our homes. Be it decorating idols or hanging them in front of the door, these flowers might be your best choice.


Keeping Jasmine in your home would be the best option, as it is highly aesthetic and spreads a sweet fragrance. It is used to produce fragrant oils and deodorants for the same reason.


It looks aesthetically appealing when it floats on water. Placing it in a big water bowl or by a water fountain can provide a serene appeal to your home.


Even though it is extensively used to make garlands, marigold flowers can also be placed in a centerpiece bowl to decorate your home. Spreading their petals on surfaces works as a decor too.


Roses are the kings and queens of the flower world. They purify your home and reduce stress and come in various colors, making them the perfect choice for decorating your home.


Lilies are cute white flowers that give you a subtle yet sophisticated look when placed in a vase or coffee mug. Place them anywhere in your home and they will surely catch the attention of guests.

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