Creative Ways to Propose on Propose Day (Feb 8th)

Valentine's week is around the corner and the second day is the Propose day! If you have been holding in some feelings for someone you love, this is the day for you! Here are some creative ways to do so.


Take the person you love on a trip like watching the sunset on a hot air balloon, play a treasure hunt with hints relating to your relationship, or go scuba diving with an underwater sign with your proposal!

Personalized & Romantic

Recreating your first date at the same location and in the same outfit, test your partner's memory with a fun scavenger hunt with the ring as the last clue, or write a song or a poem to make them feel loved!

Out-of-the-Box (Unexpected Proposal)

Gather your friends and family to perform a flash mob to propose. Project "Will you marry me?" onto a building. Your pet bringing the ring for you to propose. Give it your best! Go wild with your imagination.


Take your partner stargazing only to pull out the ring to propose, or go hiking to your favourite viewpoint, or book a treetop resort for a breathtaking view to ask for each other's hand.

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