Choosing the right Architect for you

You're ready to start constructing your new home or your new office. Hiring an architect is crucial to get the design aspect of your building flawless to impress guests or business partners. How do you do it?


Make sure that your architect is qualified for the job. Check if he/she is registered with relevant professional organisations before considering them to be your potential architect.

Portfolio & Experience

Assess the architect's style, range and experience by verifying their portfolio to meet your design needs. Their past projects must give you an idea if they will be able to handle your project the way you want.

Budget and Fees

Make sure the architect can work within your budget by discussing it with them up front. Whether it's a fixed price, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the project cost, be aware of their fee structure.


An effective cooperation requires communication. Make sure you and the architect are able to communicate and have the same view of the project. The design aesthetics and project objectives must be agreed on.

Project Timeline

Go over the project timeline and deadlines. Check whether they can work within your timescale and provide a realistic plan for the project's phases, from design to approvals to construction.

Written contract

Always have a formal contract that explains the task description, roles, due dates, and payment terms. Make sure there are policies in place to deal with scope changes or additional work.

Payment Schedule

Create a payment schedule that is explicit and based on project milestones. Avoid hiring architects that want hefty upfront payments before doing much work.

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