Choose the Nail Shape that suits you the best

There are various nail shapes, and each offers a distinct look. Here are some popular nail shapes that you can look into before choosing the best for you:


Straight sides with a flat or slightly rounded top. Classic and timeless, ideal for shorter nails.


Gently curved sides with a semi-circle shape at the tip. Natural-looking and suits most nail lengths.


Similar to round nails but more elongated and tapered at the tip. Flattering for slender fingers, offering a softer look.


Tapered sides that come to a rounded point at the tip. Gives an elegant, elongated appearance to the fingers.


Long and pointed nails that resemble a stiletto heel. Dramatic and edgy, creating an elongated appearance.


Tapered nails with a squared-off tip, resembling a coffin or ballerina shoe. Trendy and stylish, often seen with longer lengths.

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