Central Excise Day 2024: Contributing Tribute to Taxation Landscape

Central Excise Day is annually celebrated on 24 February to mark the Central Excise and Salt Act of 1944. The act relates to excise duties and customs of India to streamline the taxation system and industrial growth.

Central Excise Relevance

Central Excise Day is relevant to the collection of taxes, manufacturing and production of goods, and the role of the excise department. The excise department officers look at indirect taxes, prevent smuggling, and recheck the quality of goods.

CBIC Officers

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) officers help in the generation of revenue, the day recognizes their dedication towards the development! The CBIC officers are awarded to foster their zeal further.

Tax Awareness

Central Excise Day commemorates the tax awareness in the general public. It guides the citizens on the importance of paying taxes, the generation of revenue and how it ends up in raising economic growth.

Notable Celebrations

The celebrations to embark on Central Excise Day include seminars, workshops, award ceremonies, cultural programs, and awareness campaigns. The involvement of students, CBIC officers and the public is done to raise significant awareness of the taxation system.

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