Celebrating Women In Science: Unsung Heroines, Extraordinary Discoveries

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Remembering some famous personalities who made groundbreaking contributions to Science.

Marie Curie, the double Nobel laureate

Pioneered radiation research, defying odds & paving the way for modern medicine.

Rosalind Franklin, DNA's unsung heroine

Her X-ray images unlocked the structure of DNA, though credit went to others. A true inspiration.

Barbara McClintock, defying genetics dogma

Discovered jumping genes, challenging established beliefs, and revolutionizing genetics.

Katherine Johnson, calculating human history

Hidden figure behind NASA's Apollo missions, her math made spaceflight possible.

Jane Goodall, championing our closest relatives

Revolutionized chimpanzee research, living among them & advocating for their conservation.

Tu Youyou, Nobel Prize for malaria's ancient cure

Drew inspiration from traditional medicine, saving millions with artemisinin treatment.

Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer

Conceptualized algorithms decades before computers existed, a true visionary.

Their legacies inspire, their future beckons

These women and countless others prove: girls can change the world through science. Keep dreaming, keep exploring!

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