Celebrate the Spirit of Work: May Day 2024

May 1st is celebrated as May Day or Labour Day to honour workers’ contributions and advocate for a better work environment.

Historical Struggles

May Day marks workers’ struggle for fairer pay, short working hours, and equality at work. This day remembers the sacrifices of workers.

Workers’ Achievements

The efforts of workers are the foundations of what we have today. May Day celebrates the contribution of workers in building the society and community.

Raise Awareness

Labour Day concerns fair pay, working conditions, job security, working hours, and job standards at the workplace. It highlights the efforts of every worker.

Global Solidarity

May Day is not just a day off for workers. It is a day for workers to unite globally, raise issues, share experiences, and stand together for a better future.

Support Workers

Spread the word on social media. Volunteer/donate to a workers’ union to raise awareness concerning rights and issues. Praise the spirit of workers this May Day.

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