Breathing Free: Shining a Light on the Fight Against TB

1.3 million lives lost. Millions more are at risk. Today on 24 March on World TB Day, let us unite to fight TB. Raise awareness, advocate for treatment, and invest in research.

The Hidden Face of TB

TB doesn't choose. It affects all. Stigma & silence delay diagnosis. Share stories, raise awareness of symptoms, promote early testing. Break the silence, save lives.

Recovery's Hope: From Diagnosis to Breath Again

TB treatment is challenging, but over 95% can be cured with access to care. Celebrate survivors, advocate for universal treatment. Let everyone breathe free again.

Lighting the Path: Innovation Ends TB

New tools, shorter treatments, even vaccines – research holds the key. Invest in innovation, accelerate progress. A TB-free future is within reach.

Your Action Makes a Difference: Join the Fight

Donate, advocate, raise awareness, educate. Every action matters. Together, we can end TB. Visit WHO website to learn more & get involved.

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