Brain Scans Reveal Hidden Struggles People With OCD Face

OCD's hidden impact, rewiring reward, error, and physical response systems are revealed here.

Hijacked Reward System

OCD disrupts the brain's reward circuitry, leading to temporary relief from anxiety through compulsions, despite minimal lasting satisfaction.

The Spotlight Effect on Errors

OCD can lead to a distorted perception of mistakes due to an overactive anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), fueling fear and intrusive thoughts.

Intrusive Thoughts is the hoax

Brain imaging shows that the struggle to resist, not the content, activates the OCD circuit, which can be shocking for those with intrusive thoughts.

Full-Body Experience

OCD can create intense physical sensations linked to obsessions by heightening activity in the insula, a brain region integrating emotions and bodily feelings.

Triggers Can Lurk Anywhere

Brain scans suggest that the hippocampus, involved in memory formation and retrieval, may play a role in intrusive thoughts and compulsions.

OCD Requires Distinct Treatments

Anxiety and OCD often coexist but Brain Imaging shows their differences in patterns and requires different treatments.

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