Best Paint Colours for small rooms

Say goodbye to 'Sardine can' vibes with these paint colours for small rooms. These shades work like an optical illusion, making your space feel bigger & roomier than ever. Get ready to do some paint magic!


White has the ability to reflect light, creating an illusion of receding walls. It is the first choice for most people owning a small house. White can also have undertones of pink, blue or even green.

Chocolate Brown

If your room does not have much natural light, this colour will help your space look more sculptural with the right kind of furniture. Brown is considered as one of the most elegant colours for darker rooms.


While this colour is not preferred for large spaces, it works just right for smaller rooms. The right amount of pop makes your room look spacious all while not ruining the entire vibe.

Mint Green

Mint Green is a classy, stylish and elegant way to showcase your kitchen shelves and walls when combined with marble counters. The contrast is to be kept in mind to achieve a roomy interior.

Sky Blue

The soothing sky blue colour would calm down any grumpy guests. The calm undertone will surely elevate the atmosphere in the room with it's illusionary glow. Great choice for the kid's room.

Bright Red

Nothing is more eye-catching than a bright red room. With careful planning, enough natural light and a few paintings, your room is destined to look like a scene from an artistic movie.

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